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Dr. Walter P. Lomax, Jr.

Chairman, The Lomax Companies

Dr. Walter P. Lomax, Jr., is chairman of Correctional Healthcare Solutions, Inc., and a highly successful pioneer in the field of managed health care systems. Dr. Lomax began his medical career as a solo practitioner in a south Philadelphia neighborhood in 1958 and his solo practice evolved into a group practice in 1971, at which time he became involved with the development of the HMO concept in Philadelphia.

In 1982, Dr. Lomax established Lomax Health Systems, a management company concentrating exclusively in the health care field. The success of LHS led to the creation of Correctional Healthcare Solutions, Inc., which has emerged as a major health care in prisons, administering quality care which provides health care to over 20,000 inmates in 50 correctional facilities in 14 states.

In 1989, LHS joined with a Virginia firm to form Healthcare Management Alternatives, Inc., which manages the HealthPass program for the State of Pennsylvania, providing capitated health care to approximately 87,000 Medicaid patients in south and west Philadelphia. In addition to Lomax Health Systems and Correctional Healthcare Solutions, the Lomax Companies consist of Workers Comp Management, Inc., LEVAS, Inc., which publishes HealthQuest: The Publication of Black Wellness and InfoTech Services, Inc., which combines managed care expertise with computer information systems development

Dr. Lomax is especially proud of the fact that his six children all work for the Lomax Companies in some capacity.

Dr. Lomax ended his 32 years of distinguished service as a physician in 1990. He serves as vice chairman of AmeriChoice Corporation, which owns HMOs that manage the health care of inner-city Medicaid recipients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. He is currently affiliated with Pennsylvania and Graduate Hospitals, serves on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, is a Fellow at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and is a member of the American Medical Association, the National Medical Association, the Pennsylvania Medical Society, and the Medical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Dr. Lomax is a trustee of his collegiate alma mater, LaSalle University, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the public radio and television station, WHYY. He also serves on the board of Universal Companies.


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